[④ Computer Science] KD Career Research Project 2023


by Elliot Jang(12th), Preston Lee(12th), Tim Jun(12th)

Produced by Korea Daily (중앙일보) and the JoongAng Student Reporter (JSR) program, the Career Research Project is a summer project designed to provide students with the experience of collaboration across independent arrangements and interested parties with condensed information in an accessible format. In addition, participants can discover unexplored paths to viable careers in an organized fashion and under the guidance of a leader studying or working in their chosen field of study. Each article details the culmination of the students’ investigation about an overarching field of study, illuminating details about their major, highly appraised colleges for their field of study, future and alternative paths towards potential careers, and other interesting facts from their researching journey. [Editor Evelyn Chough]


General Computer Science Majors

  1. Software Engineering
  2. Computer Engineering
  3. Data Science
  4. Robotics
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Cybersecurity
  7. Computer System Analysis

Variations of Computer Science Majors/Combinations With Other Majors

Computer Science + Statistics

One of the most conventional double majors that are paired up with computer science is statistics. Statistics classes teach students how to analyze and visualize data, and when combining that with the computer science field, students can learn how to extract and manipulate large datasets using code and interpret them with statistics. These skills are immensely helpful for careers such as data science.

Computer Science + Math

Another very typical but valuable double major is the mixture of mathematics and computer science majors. Between mathematics and computer science, a lot of the topics and concepts covered in each major overlap with one another. For example, problem-solving is an essential ability to possess in both majors, and double majoring in computer science and math will hone into students’ problem-solving skills further. An established pathway for a math and computer science double major is becoming a data analyst, as data analysts work with extensive amounts of data, but also require skillsets in both mathematics and computer science in order to work with data and solve the question in hand.

Computer Science + Engineering

As the world slowly starts to convert to more online systems, engineering is a field in which computers/computer science has started to make a big impact. Combining the technical skills of computer science such as coding, advanced mathematics, problem solving, etc. with creativity, CAD skills, and critical thinking is essentially this field. From software engineering to computer architecture, this mix of engineering and computer science is a broad field to work in/study. Most colleges offer classes that are required for either major. Schools such as Georgia Tech or MIT offer top computer science programs, while schools such as Stanford or Cal-Tech offer top engineering programs. MIT, while extremely competitive is a top school in both fields.

Top Schools for Related Majors

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Regarded as one of, if not the best, technological/engineering based schools in the world, MIT has been a top university since it was founded in 1861. Constantly making new advancements and completing new research, MIT is a very prestigious school to attend and has the top programs for computer science majors. (Acceptance Rate: ~4%)

Stanford University

Stanford has consistently been one of the top universities in the world, not just for computer science, for academics. Their computer science program, and related majors such as computer engineering or biocomputation, are among the top in the world which makes Stanford a very competitive but valuable school. (Acceptance Rate: ~4%)

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Tech is currently one of the leading universities for computer science majors. The research and education received at Georgia Tech is ranked at about 5th in the nation. While it may not be as competitive in terms of admission as Stanford or MIT, it is nonetheless an excellent school for those who want to major in computer science. (Acceptance Rate: ~15%)

Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon is another extremely competitive school but rightfully so. It is ranked #1 in fields such as Artificial Intelligence and Programming Language but also top 5 in Computer Science and Systems. All of these majors are very applicable in today’s workforce and Carnegie Mellon’s advanced programs of these majors make it a great school to attend. (Acceptance Rate: ~10%)

University of California Berkeley

UC Berkeley is #1 worldwide in the computer science field. Their programs are very intense but the education you learn while in these programs offers a headstart over competitors when looking for a job in the computer science world. It is a competitive school but the benefits of being admitted and attending are very valuable. (Acceptance Rate: ~14%)

Top Jobs for Related Majors

The increased reliance on technology in a variety of industries has resulted in an increase in the demand for experienced computer science workers who can design, implement, and maintain software applications, analyze data, create algorithms, and address complicated technological challenges.

Software Developer/Engineer

Software developers design and create computer programs and applications. They can specialize in various areas like web development, mobile app development, or system software. The average salary is around $80,000 to $150,000.

Web Developer

Web Developers design and create websites. They play a important role in the online presence of business and organizations. The average salary is around $50,000 to $100,000.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists analyze and interpret large datasets to extract valuable information. Data Scientists also help companies improve their services and strategies by gathering data. The average salary is around $80,000 to $150,000.

Mobile App Developer

Mobile App Developers create software applications specifically designed to run on mobile devices. They contribute to the creation of mobile apps, games, and social media. The average salary is around $60,000 to $120,000.

Recommended Degrees/Certifications

A degree in computer science through a Bachelor’s or Master’s is highly valued. Most top computer science jobs prefer candidates with at least a bachelor’s degree. For more advanced jobs, a Master’s degree can be more beneficial, and can offer a more competitive edge.

While counterintuitive, a degree is arguably not the most important part of one’s job application. Certifications, which can be achieved without going to a traditional college, are more likely to be weighted heavier when looking at applications. This is because certifications are more specialized for the workforce. Those with certifications are more experienced with real life problems and solutions, not just knowledgeable about the field. The most useful important certifications are CISCO, which demonstrates high-level competency at data center automation, CompTIA, which provides qualifications in entry-level information technology, and finally the ISACA, which acknowledges you and your team’s expertise in building, implementing, and managing personalized solutions for businesses.