Iris, A Journey Through The World of Cinema

Cirque du Soleil’s Iris. (Photo Credit: Cirque du Soleil)

World-renowned entertainment company Cirque du Soleil performed its year-long production of Iris at 8 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 1 at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

The show revolved around the stories of two young leads, Buster, a young musician in search of true love, and Scarlett, an actress with a dream of becoming a movie star, as they find themselves in the natural chaos and thrill of a cinema film set. The young pair ventures through a display of emotion and movement.

“My favorite part about the show was that it told an overall story,” spectator Yu Kim said. “The love story that was told while being presented in an entertaining manner was what made the whole experience enjoyable.”

Consisting of 72 performers, the Iris troupe incorporated a variety of acts not limited to but including: “aerial straps duo,” “hand to hand,” “hand balancing” and “aerial ball.”

“I liked the acrobatics, comedy, characters and live orchestral music,” spectator Marianne Lee said. “The aerial acrobatics were stunning. The show itself was phenomenal; truly a visual treat.”

With acts from an extensive range of performers as well as dialogue from mid-performance entertainers, the show kept the audience intrigued throughout the two-hour long presentation.

“I thought it was quite unique how the show integrated many media techniques to create one final masterpiece,” Kim said. It definitely captured my interest and made the show much more interesting.”

Trademarked “A Journey Through The World of Cinema,” Iris presents a spectacular expedition through the evolution of film. A contrast between picture and motion, light and sound, reality and imagination, Iris incorporates works of dance as well as acrobatics all into a splendor that truly illustrates the wonder of cinema.

“I really liked the acts that used film scenes as background and light as an active part of the show,” Lee said. “The use of live video playback really fascinated me. I also loved the choreography.”

First premiering in Sept. 25, 2011, Iris is a resident production, created and produced exclusively for the Dolby Theatre in the Hollywood & Highland Center.

“I’ve heard about them before, but didn’t really think much of their performances,” Kim said. “I now have seen firsthand the amazing amount of talent within this group of performers. I would definitely recommend others to watch this group’s performances.”

Performances of Iris are held from Tuesday through Friday 8pm, Saturdays 4pm and 8pm and Sundays 3pm and 7pm at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. With currently 21 ongoing shows and tours, Cirque du Soleil has performed to more than 100 million spectators in over 250 cities on five continents since its debut in 1984.